Joy Elizabeth is an ordained minister with the Greenhouse Network of Churches Intl. She has been in ministry for over 20 years and now lives in Austin, Texas where she is active in full-time ministry as a pastoral voice in the lives of many women. She ministers as a prophetic voice to those desirous of a Word from Jesus to be encouraged, comforted and built up.


She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, with a concentration in Pastoral Theology and Systematic/Historical Theology. In the past 18 years Joy has traveled and served in itinerant ministry alongside Stephanie Boosahda teaching in women’s meetings and conferences. She has been greatly used in revelation gifts of prophecy, words of knowledge and wisdom, as well as healing gifts. She has also helped her mentors, Stephanie and Bishop Wayne Boosahda, in pioneering several house churches, being an ‘Armor Bearer’ for their ministry.


Joy is working with the Greenhouse Network of Churches and the missionary society of St. Patrick and St. Aidan to assist her in missionary work with Wayne and Stephanie Boosahda. She is also engaged in W.I.N., Women’s International Network, under the leadership of Bishop Dr. LaDonna Osborn, Founder and Overseer of I.G.C., International Gospel Center, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Joy’s first mission and passion for ministry is to know Christ and to make Him known, with signs and wonders following, in order to confirm that “Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever.” This conviction flows out of her deep longing to walk in intimacy with Him and help others do the same. Joy is incredibly graced to have experienced several visitations from Jesus beginning at age 5 when she received Christ as her Savior; more visitations followed as she grew in her journey with Him. During these times of visitation, He spoke to her and said, “Seek to know Me more than anything else. Make knowing Me your priority above all other ambitions. Let Me preach through you to save the lost and set the captives free and know, daughter, that signs, wonders and miracles will result automatically!” With a heart of humility, she gave her all to do what He commissioned her for her life’s work for the Kingdom.


Joy Elizabeth’s second Mission, which flows out of the instruction the Lord gave her was to alleviate pain in the lives of His Children, by demonstrating practical steps of deliverance, as well as bringing healing to victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.


Joy herself has been a survivor of sexual abuse and has obtained healing from the Lord’s deep work in her heart. She now lives a life of wholeness, soundness and a deep inner peace! Because of Jesus, she is no longer a victim of the enemies’ tactics or trapped in that web of condemnation, but rather has a desire to “Comfort others with the comfort she has received.” Much of her ministry is breaking people free from bondages, such as, victims’ patterns, unhealed emotions, and the physical effects that abuse can have on the body. Joy has said a resounding “YES!” to do His Work and see lives changed radically for the Glory of God. Yes, Jesus Christ is Love, Truth and He brings wholeness to damaged and wounded souls! Joy’s desire is to be His mouthpiece of truth and extend His hands to the weary. She is definitely a living witness that, “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their Testimony!”- Rev. 12:11 AMP.  May we all respond to His voice and call with a wholehearted, “Yes and Amen!”

For inner healing sessions please contact Joy Elizabeth Hellmann:

Tel: 615-425-6248

1801 Redbud Lane

STE. B PMB 228

Round Rock, Texas 78664

Joy Elizabeth

Author-Minister-Prophetic Voice